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CellNet is a multi function program designed to speed up, play and simplify access to the most common files in Windows. It hides at the top of the desktop ready to be pulled down, giving the user full control. Something like a much larger version of windows start menu, however, that's where the similarity ends. CellNet can play, manipulate and store thousands of short cuts to files, URLs, documents, images, music and video in each cell. Because of the cell layout using color coded numbering, content can organized and found almost instantly. When some familiarity is achieved super computer speeds can be achieved to access vast amounts of data. The other half of CellNet is the cloud. Once the cloud or multiple clouds are uploaded from CellNet's FTP manager, CellNet on the desktop can interact with the cloud online including playing files, viewing image, playing movies, uploading and downloading. CellNet cloud additionally includes forum and chat functionality.

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